Liberty Vipes Zodiac Shake To Vape 60ml

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Liberty Vipes Zodiac Shake To Vape 60ml

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Have you ever woken up in the morning and wanted something different in your life… or felt that there is something missing from it… Stop looking for sings in your Zodiac table and start reaching for your Zodiac flavor! The new life changing mouth drooling blueberry donut with the softest cream you ever tasted! Without all those excess calories!

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  • 13.2 ml of considered flavor that equals 22%
  • 47 ml Full VG
  • 18 mg 10 ml Nicotine boost according to your desirable strength (Optional)

WARNING: this product is not for direct use in you atomizer is concentrated flavor that needs to be mix with vg and nicotine!!!

In order to create your selected e-juice please follow these easy but crucial steps:
1st. select your flavor
2nd. pour the flavour in the vg base bottle
3rd. pour the nicotine shot {optional}
4th. Last but not least SHAKE IT BABY

Please note that 1 nicotine booster of 10ml  in equals 3mg of strength, 2 equals 6mg and so on

Additional Information

Additional Information

VG/PG 70/30