Liberty Vipes Milky Way shake To vape 60ml

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Liberty Vipes Milky Way shake To vape 60ml

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Close your eyes and imagine yourself traveling across the Milky Way. Just you and those millions and millions of blistering bright sweet-sweet creamy strawberries to keep you company! For all of you who dream of being cosmonauts among the stars…

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  • 13.2 ml of considered flavor that equals 22%
  • 47 ml Full VG
  • 18 mg 10 ml Nicotine boost according to your desirable strength (Optional)

WARNING: this product is not for direct use in you atomizer is concentrated flavor that needs to be mix with vg and nicotine!!!

In order to create your selected e-juice please follow these easy but crucial steps:
1st. select your flavor
2nd. pour the flavour in the vg base bottle
3rd. pour the nicotine shot {optional}
4th. Last but not least SHAKE IT BABY

Please note that 1 nicotine booster of 10ml  in equals 3mg of strength, 2 equals 6mg and so on

Additional Information

Additional Information

VG/PG 70/30